Story of Mixtur Tonic

Already in 1825 British officers in India used quinine and water concoction to treat malaria. Tonic was used as medicine and was created to prevent malaria in tropical climates because it contained high quantity of quinine. Today quinine is used to give that distinctive bitterness to tonic water and the content is significally lower. British officers mixed quinine and water concoction with sugar, added lime and gin to make the medicine more pleasurable. This can be considered as the birth of classic gin tonic.
Yellowy-orange color of tonic syrup refer to the use of natural quinine. Quinine is alkaloid which is derived from tree bark called cinchona. Nowadays quinine is still used to treat malaria and other diseases. Folk medicine still holds quinine in honor. It is important to monitor the intake of quinine because it could be a serious health hazard though consuming commercial tonic waters is considered to to be safe for most of us. Still pregnant women should avoid quinine just to be on the safe side.

For us the most important is that the food and drinks we consume everyday would be of high quality and as natural as possible but at the same time as tasty as hell. That is the reason we leave out artificial and unnecessary ingredients. Our drinks are crap free and uniquely tasty!

Mixtur tonic syrup birth dates back to 2015 when I was travelling in USA and had the chance to try tonic syrup for the first time. It was love at first sight.  There were no tonic syrups in Estonia so there was no other way than making the syrup. Creating  Mixtur took 1,5 years of experimenting. Mixtur was born at cafe Kohvihoovik in Pärnu So the customers of this cafe became "guinea-pigs" who helped to launch the brand. Brand name Mixtur refers to word mixture which is excellent word to decribe this drink. . Mixtur tonic syrup is handcrafted in small batches and only natural extracts, quinine amongst them are used to produce the syrup. Making one batch of syrup takes several days.
Lately we got a new member to our Mixtur family and it is Mixtur Tonic Water. Also important milestone is 2021 summer when Mixtur got a new look and branding. This celebrates time when child became woman.