Ingel Sodas

For us the most important is that the food and drinks we consume everyday would be of high quality and as natural as possible but at the same time as tasty as hell. That is the reason we leave out artificial and unnecessary ingredients from our beverages.

We believe that soda can be natural and at the same time rich and full of flavors instead of dull, unhealthy sugary drink. Soda can be equal beverage to quality beer, cider and wine or just a tasty and healthy refresher at any age. And that is the reason we created Ingel Sodas. Ingel Sodas entered Estonian market in June 2020.
Ingel means angel in Estonian. Sodas got their name after daughter of the founder of Ingel Drinks ( Inger). Birth of Ingel inspired to create such drinks that can be offered to children without guilt but also without sacrifice in taste. Ingel has been part of the developing team and attending meetings since day one and still going strong.

Ingel Sodas are naturally fermented. Fermentation is a process where billions of friendly lactic acid bacteria turn sugars into substances that are kind to our body and give nice acidity to drinks. Ingel Sodas are developed in collaboration with Estonian scientists from Food Research and Product Development Company.

There is absolutely no nonsense added - sugar, sweeteners, artificial coloring and flavors. And of course Ingel Sodas are free of preservatives. 

Cloudiness and precipitate in a soda bottle is proof of natural and honest drink which is naturally fermented and unfiltered to keep all the good stuff in the bottle.
We have 4 flavors available: cranberry, raspberry, pineapple-lemongrass and plum-cardamom. More flavors are developed.

Ingel Sodas are not just natural and good for your body but also delicious at any age and in any circumstances.

-Ingel & Inger

Cheers to heavenly adventures!